Music embracing such ideals, dealing with such narratives and story arcs  is often found in the hands of metallers or progressive rockers, resulting all too often in something unlistenable or too full of its own importances. The Same Replies is neither of those things, instead it is articulate and intelligent alt-rock music and there is a succinctness and accessibility which implies that the album it comes from is probably less a concept album in the old school sense but rather an album of concepts. A subtle but telling difference.

1. Launch Spotify
2. Go to Search
3. Click on the camera
4. Scan the image

And if you are going to build a musical record of these ever darkening, ever more chaotic and increasingly politically entrenched times, then this is exactly how it should sound, a mix of accessibility and mystique, energy and intrigue, a slight dystopian air and a sonic density which reflects the world around it. Great music is reason enough to love what he does, but that coupled with a depth and poignancy really is the icing on the cake.